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Just lately, a person person has described that he performs a fast structure on his really hard generate by oversight and no backup is created. As a final result, his treasured marriage photographs are shed and he desires to get them back again.

Have you at any time encountered the predicament described previously mentioned? Are you continue to apprehensive about knowledge reduction since of fast structure? Is it probable to undo fast structure to help save lacking formatted knowledge? How to efficiently get better fast formatted really hard generate? What is actually additional, can you get better lacking knowledge immediately after fast structure without having impacting the unique knowledge?

Correct right here, in modern submit, we are heading to demonstrate all the solutions in buy.

How to Undo Swift Structure to Get better Data files Home windows ten

Listed here, prior to understanding what is the fast structure, and why do you fast structure, we are heading to introduce how to unformat a really hard generate to get better lacking knowledge at 1st. And now, let us get started with two genuine illustrations.

one) Hi there, Did a fast structure on the completely wrong generate and now I have shed ALL my operate. Is there a way to undo this? –from tomshardware.com
two) Is it probable to undo a fast structure? We did a person without having backing up data files I essential from my really hard generate. Can this be undone? Remember to support! –from solutions.microsoft.com

No question, how to undo fast structure has come to be a subject matter of issue to anyone. Nonetheless, how to entire this endeavor to get lacking knowledge this kind of as marriage photographs back again?

As you know, a fast structure will erase the deal with tables as a substitute of the knowledge, and Home windows will make the knowledge invisible and put together the house as offered for new knowledge. Hence, if you unintentionally carry out a fast structure and reduce significant knowledge, there are continue to odds to get better lacking knowledge as extensive as the unique knowledge have not been overwritten by new knowledge.

Despite the fact that knowledge restoration firms in fact can support to get shed knowledge back again, it has two significant drawbacks. Data files restoration costs are so superior that popular people are not able to pay for them, and people have to bear the danger of leaking privateness in the course of action of file restoration.


MiniTool Electric power Details Restoration, a piece of secure, expert and totally free knowledge restoration program designed by well-known program enhancement enterprise centered in Canada, is proposed right here to undo fast structure in Home windows ten/eight/seven.

This expert instrument will support you to carry out a fast structure restoration without having bringing any hurt to the unique knowledge. No subject which predicament you confront, for case in point, unintentionally formatted SSD, exterior really hard generate, USB generate, and many others., it can unformat the focus on generate to get knowledge back again.

So, down load the Demo Version of this totally free fast structure restoration program to have a test.

Absolutely free Obtain

Notice: Its Absolutely free Version can only scan the generate, not get better knowledge but you can use it to see regardless of whether the essential data files can be identified. In buy to get better shed data files, you can use it comprehensive version like Particular Deluxe considering the fact that it consists of totally free life time up grade assistance and WinPE Bootable Builder for

Its Absolutely free Version can only scan the generate, not get better knowledge but you can use it to see regardless of whether the essential data files can be identified. In buy to get better shed data files, you can use it comprehensive version like Particular Deluxe considering the fact that it consists of totally free life time up grade assistance and WinPE Bootable Builder for knowledge restoration when Computer system would not boot

How to undo a structure to retrieve knowledge? Future, let us see the in-depth methods of fast structure restoration.

When you fast structure your really hard generate by oversight, you really should right away cease creating new knowledge to it. Normally, the unique knowledge could be overwritten and there is no way to get better them.

Right after downloading MiniTool Electric power Details Restoration, put in it on the laptop, and then start it to get its major interface, in which four distinctive knowledge restoration modules are demonstrated beneath. Which a person really should be made use of to get better fast formatted really hard generate in Home windows ten?

If you want to undo a structure on USB generate, Detachable Disk Push is offered. If your partitions are shed or deleted, you really don’t require to sense worry for you can have out Challenging Disk Push to promptly get lacking knowledge back again.

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Nonetheless, these days, you experienced greater decide on this module – This Computer system – to undo fast structure, for this module is specifically made to get better knowledge from weakened, formatted and Uncooked partition. To be straightforward, as extensive as the partition exists, you can get better shed knowledge with this element.

Listed here, we choose Home windows ten for case in point.

Action one: In This Computer system window, you are intended to choose the formatted partition (SSD, exterior really hard generate, and many others.) and then simply click the Scan button to completely scan it.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery main interface

In this interface, you can simply click Configurations to specify essential file devices as nicely as file kinds. For occasion, if you want to promptly get treasured marriage photographs back again, you can only verify Graphics &amp Photograph and simply click the Okay button as demonstrated beneath. Right after that, comprehensive scan this generate to look for photographs.

scan settings

Action two: The, this fast structure restoration program will get started to scan the partition you have picked. To get the most effective restoration final result, we advise waiting around patiently right until the scan completes alternatively than halting the scan even if the essential data files are identified.

scan the selected partition

Action three: Right after scanning, you will acquire the next window, and all scanned data files are demonstrated right here. Then, you can open up the folder in Route to look for for essential data files. Or simply click Present Dropped Data files, Obtain, Filter or Sort to fast seem for the data files you want to get better.

check all needed files to recover

Notice: In this scan final result interface, you can faucet the Preview button to preview essential photographs prior to conserving them. Apart from, the .txt file can be also previewed. Notice that MiniTool Electric power Details Restoration can only preview the image or .txt file that are scaled-down than 20MB.

At this time, you can verify all the essential data files, and help save them to a secure area. It is proposed to retail outlet the recovered data files to one more generate as a substitute of the unique generate to steer clear of knowledge overwriting.

save recovered files to another drive

See! To get better unintentionally formatted really hard generate Home windows ten can be very easily solved as extensive as you convert to MiniTool Electric power Details Restoration.

Really, with the all-in-a person knowledge restoration program, you can very easily and promptly get better knowledge that have been shed in a assortment of methods since of its impressive features as nicely as basic procedure.

“I successfully recover quick formatted hard drive without affecting the original data by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery. And I’m hoping you can try it to undo quick format”Click on to tweet

Alternatively, right here, if you only want to get better photographs immediately after fast structure, you can also convert to expert image restoration program. To be particular, MiniTool Photograph Restoration focuses on promptly recovering photographs and films from the machine in the celebration of any complications happening.

Absolutely free Obtain

MiniTool Photo Recovery

Right after understanding how to undo fast structure, let us converse about some essential details about the fast structure.

Overview of Swift Structure

one. Swift structure VS. Complete structure

In typical, when you structure a really hard generate or partition, you have two solutions: fast structure and comprehensive structure. Nonetheless, do you know what the variation concerning them is?

quick format vs full format

Some people say: “the only difference between the full format and the quick format is whether the volume is scanned for lousy sectors by making use of the CHKDSK command or not. A quick format will not scan the disk for bad sectors while full format can do it.”

Is that true? For more information, please see the following part.

Quick Format

A quick format is just that, quick. To make the formatting process quick, the drive is not checked for bad sectors. And a quick format will only delete the journaling part of the file system, and then lay a new, simple, and blank file system on top. (NTFS, ext3, and ext4, as well as HFS+ are all journaling file systems.)

So, anyone looking at the hard drive or storage device would not see any data. Fortunately, these files are actually still there and users can recover them as long as they find reliable free quick format recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery. So normally a quick format is what you want because it is much faster.

Full Format

A full format is almost the complete opposite of a quick format and is generally preferred over a quick format. Full format runs an additional step that checks the hard drive for any bad sectors.

Accessing each sector on the disk takes much more time than the quick format, which only writes the blocks that contain the file system structure.

Besides, a full format completely wipes your hard drive. After a full format, there is a little chance to recover missing data even if you use data recovery software or ask the professional person.

2. A Few Causes for Performing Quick Format

Mistaken operation: There is no doubt some users might accidentally quick format a partition or drive instead of some other drives. For instance, you were going to format E: drive, however, you formatted F: drive by mistake.

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Error messages: Sometimes, you are unable to access a drive and receive an error message that says You need to format the drive before using. So, you format it without hesitation.

Tip: Our previous post

Our previous post How to Fix: You Need to Format the Disk before You Can Use is strongly recommended here since it will help you successfully solve the drive formatting error without data loss.

OS reinstallation: If you want to reinstall the operating system or resolve certain issues related to your OS, then you might quick format the drive.

3: How to Quick Format Hard Drive

After seeing what is quick format (as well as full format), and why you need to quick format, we guess you might be wondering: “How to quick format a drive or removable drive quickly?”

Answers are here!

In general, when it comes to formatting hard drive, you can connect your target hard drive (including external hard drive or other storage devices like USB flash drive, memory card, etc.) to the computer, and then open My Computer/This PC. After that, all connected drives including your internal hard drive will be displayed in the following window.

format a hard drive

At this time, right-click the drive you want to format, and then select “Format…” under the context menu options. Next, choose either “NTFS” or “FAT” or “FAT32” for your file system, then specify Allocation unit size, and enter a name for your drive. After that, choose the “Quick Format” and then tap “Start“.

quick format

After clicking “Start“, you will receive a warning that says formatting will erase all data on this disk. Now, you just need to click OK button to continue.

Tip: Want to know more solutions to quick format drive? Want to know how to quick format hard drive on Mac OS X? Here, if you want to know more details about quick format, this post –

Want to know more solutions to quick format drive? Want to know how to quick format hard drive on Mac OS X? Here, if you want to know more details about quick format, this post – How to Format a Hard Drive with Ease – could help you.

Necessary Tips for Quick Format

Now, at the end of this post, we want to emphasize 2 points to help you better understand quick format.

1: Backup Data before Quick Format

There is no doubt, sometimes, you need to format your drive with a file system. However, formatting will delete all the data on our hard drive. Therefore, you should back up hard drive before formatting.

And, MiniTool has released excellent Windows backup software named as MiniTool ShadowMaker, which can help to easily back up important files, the Windows OS, partition or the entire disk in case of accidents.

Note: To get a better understanding of this free backup software, you had better download its Trial Edition to have a try.

Free Download

2. Prepare Professional Data Recovery Software

What should you do if you accidentally quick formatted hard drive? If there are backup files, you can directly restore missing data. However, what if there is no backup file?

RIGHT NOW, MiniTool Power Data Recovery can help you.

This all-in-one data recovery software can help you effectively recover quick formatted hard drive without affecting the original data because of its high security. In addition to quick format recovery, this powerful tool can also help to recover data that have been lost in a variety of ways.

For instance, it can recover data after blue screen of death, recover data without bootable disk, recover files after factory reset

What’s more, this easy-to-use tool not only supports various operating systems, including Windows XP/7/8 /10 and Windows Server OS, but also supports lots of storage devices like internal hard drive, USB hard drive, memory card, memory stick, and more.

Free Download


After seeing the above introduction, we guess you must have a basic understanding of the “undo quick format” issue and know how to unformat a hard drive to recover deleted files.

Should you have any questions, please leave a comment in the below comments or directly send email to [email protected]. Much appreciated!

Undo Quick Format FAQ

Can you recover files after quick format?

  1. Download and install MiniTool Power Data Recovery on PC.
  2. Launch this data recovery software.
  3. Select the partition containing lost data and click Scan button.
  4. Check all needed files and save them in a safe place.

How do I unformat a hard drive?

  1. Click the target hard drive and click Scan button in the interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
  2. Preview all needed files, select them and store them in a safe place.

What is quick format?

You can see the two options: quick format and full format when formatting hard drive. Quick format will only delete files from partition and rebuild the file system, volume label, and cluster size, and then lay a new, simple, and blank file system on top.

How can I recover data from accidentally formatted hard drive?

  1. Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
  2. Scan the accidentally formatted hard drive.
  3. Store the data in a safe place.
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