I-Train Case Management System

When CMTi decided to focus on municipal agencies, we realized that one of the major needs that we could fulfill would be to build a system to help workers at these agencies manage their client case loads. The system we built would need to streamline and simplify their daily actions, as well as integrate with State and Local government policies and regulations. Thus I-Train was born.

I-Train is a web based case management system designed with Workforce Investment Boards in mind. It is a modular system that features tools and systems designed around connecting job seekers with State and Local support programs, training providers and employers. It communicates with the State JTA system to share data, and can be customized for any City or County Workforce Investment Board or other organization that deals with client cases.

I-Train is designed with four primary audiences in mind – the Case Manager, the Client, the Employer, and the Training Provider. I-Train is also designed to be modular. If there are sections of the site that you don’t want or need, they can easily be removed, and new sections can be added just as easily.

Feature Highlights

Integrated Document Managment

Each client that uses the services of a One-Stop or WIB can generate a large amount of paperwork, depending on what services and programs they use. This can be anything from their Immigration paperwork to resumes and occupation certifications to receipts. CMTi is trying to introduce a method in which all of these documents can be provided and stored for easy access, without the need for reams and reams of printer paper.

The Document Manager allows a case manager or client to scan or upload documents into the system. The case manager then assigns these documents to the client, creating a Virtual Case Folder for that client. Once uploaded and assigned to the client, these documents can be accessed from anywhere there is internet access.

Self Enrollment

CMTi has moved some of the client functions out of the Case Manager section of the site to the public section of the site. We have also made an effort to design these sections in a more intuitive, easy to use way. For example, now clients can complete the I-Train application form on their own, entering themselves into the system so that they can gain access to the assistance and programs they need.

Quick Access

Being efficient means getting to the information you need quickly and easily. The new I-Train Quick Access screen helps them do that by providing access to their most frequently used tools at the click of a button. By opening the Quick Access screen, a case manager has instant access to their client list, their co-client list, their interview list, and any pending documents they may have. The Quick Access screen is accessible from anywhere in I-Train.

Personal Home Page

Using cutting edge web technology, CMTi has created a personal page for each user where they can customize the layout of the page and the “Widgets” that are displayed on that page. Case Managers have a choice to display any of the following: Alien Documents Expiring, Analog Clock, Drivers Licenses Expiring, Client Search, My Client Listings, My Co-Client Listings, My Interviewees Listing, My Pending Documents, My Clients Without Current, Activities, New Clients List, Graph of New Clients Per Day, Expiring Selective Services List, or This Day In History. The page can be organized in 1 to 4 columns and these Widgets can be arranged in any order the Case Manager wants. This puts a wealth of information at their fingertips on the first I-Train page they see every day.